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St Colmcilles GAA Club Development is revealed. On Friday the 17th October 2014 in the Neptune Bar, St Colmcilles launched our 2014/2015 Club Development Fund Appeal. The Club plans for the future were launched. The pressure on pitches and the numbers that pass through the Club each week was highlighted along with the other activities that the Club undertakes to serve the Community. The attached brochure captures all of the activity for you to view at your leisure and we have produced a promotional video that can be viewed on below.

St Colmcilles Club Development Promotional Video

We have achieved a lot and this has only been possible with the support of YOU our Volunteers. We now need your support more than ever with the St Colmcilles GAA Club Development Fund Appeal. We have the largest Club, in terms of members in the County and we would like to have facilities that you our members can be proud of. We have all travelled around the County and seen the fantastic facilities that other Clubs have and St. Colmcilles and our Community deserve no less.

To this end the Club is embarking on an ambitious development programme, comprising:

  • The extension of the clubhouse at Piltown;
  • The enhancement of the Seafield facility in Laytown;
  • Acquisition of further lands, installation of lighting, new pitches and changing facilities, etc.

How you can support St Colmcilles

 We need to raise funds urgently to fund the St Colmcilles GAA Club Development. In Phase 1 of our appeal we have two options for raising funds that our members can choose from and they are:

  1. Life Membership Plan

For a once of cost of €1,200 a member can have membership for St. Colmcilles GAA for their life. They will also gain entry to all Club home games included. This is an ideal gift for a juvenile that will get many years membership in their home Club for their entire life.

Payment Options:


  1. Taxed Based Donation to Club Development Fund

This scheme works in such a way that a member can make a donation to St. Colmcilles and then the Club apply to Revenue to get that tax you have already paid back. So if you make donation of €500 to St. Colmcilles we can get a further €347 from Revenue. We get the money from Revenue on the donation before the end of the Year.

Payment Options: Donations can be from €250 up and they can be made in one lump sum or by instalments by agreement with East Meath Credit Union. (€250 is minimum allowed by Revenue)


Club Development FAQ

We understand you may have some questions. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand what is required.

Click the link for Q&A Download

Visit our Q&A Webpage by clicking here


We have attached some promotional literature and a summary of the proposals which you may find useful.  We are seeking your support in any way we can and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the proposals further with you if you wish. We need every member and supporter of Meath GAA to get behind the plans and put the shoulder to the wheel.

Further details are available in digital form by clicking the click to read button above, to talk to a Committee Member please call James Kelly on 087-279003, Fergal Kelly on 086-7947626 and Keith Loughman on 087-7441731

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the above. Alternatively if you have received forms in the post and are happy to complete either the (Life Membership or Tax Donation Forms) then they can be returned to any of the Committee Members mentioned above.

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