Child Welfare & Protection

Child Welfare & Protection

Our aim is to ensure the young people and children who play our games can do so in a safe, enjoyable and respectful environment. To this end, St Colmcilles have adopted the following GAA Codes:




                   Child Welfare & Protection Club Personnel

                           Children’s Officers 2017  [Email:]





Louise Mulligan [086-8211686]



Joe Kelly [086-2366690]



Cormac Doran [087-9077694]







                               Children’s Officer

The role of the Children’s Officers in the St Colmcilles GAA Club is:
  • to assist in promoting a child and youth centred ethos.
  • to be the link between the children/young people and the adults within the Club. Just as a child/young person may have reason to seek our help or contact us, the same help is available to adults who may have an issue/concern in relation to a child/young person.
  • to ensure implementation and promotion of relevant Codes
  • where applicable, deal with breaches of ‘Our Games – Our Code” and Code of Behaviour Underage’ as per relevant guidance.